Address your root cause

Tired of living with unpredictable pain or tension?

It can be draining and disheartening living with cycles of pain in our body.  It can really limit our ability to fully enjoy our life.

A new approach to health is growing globally. Science now shows the specific ways that stress and emotions create chronic muscular skeletal issues.

Health professionals increasingly agree that stress is a major factor of many health issues.  It is now believed that up to 80% of chronic health issues can be reversed through lifestyle changes – and treating the root cause stressors.   We no longer need to accept that pain is inevitable result of wear and tear on our body. Now we know this we can break these cycles and support our body to naturally heal.

We always have three choices


1. Live with discomfort

We could hope our symptoms pass or accept them as a result of wear and tear.



2. Manage our symptoms

There are lots of medical and alternative approaches that can relieve our discomfort.


3. Address our root cause

A targeted, evidence-based approach to address the why behind our pain.

Lasting change is possible



So many people suffer with pain and discomfort and manage this through medications and therapies, which do offer some relief. However, managing discomfort becomes a way of life. 

This no longer needs to be accepted. Your body is incredible. It is much more than a machine that breaks down, beyond repair. We can all have mobility and vitality. Every tissue in the body has an intelligence, our body wants to – and can – fully self-heal.

Our bodies are always listening

Our bodies are continually responding to our experiences. Think of your favourite ice cold beverage on a hot summer’s day and you will likely salivate. Our thoughts, emotions and bodies are intricately connected. Stressors and emotions play a vital role in our physiology. It’s threaded through our language – have you felt the “weight of the world on your shoulders”, has someone been a right “pain in the neck”?

You may have noticed that your discomfort worsens during stress or in that moment of relief and collapse when the stress is finally lifting and then we feel the weight of it all catch up with us. There is a reason for this.

When we experience a moment or period of heavy stress, our body does it’s best to help us cope by tucking this away in our muscles and bones. And it will stay there, ready to reactivate – again and again – until we address it at the root. 


Your root cause


Your root cause is as unique as you are, you are the expert of you. You may already have sensed how stress impacts or increases your symptoms.  We can now identify the very specific thing that kicked off your symptoms and what keeps them recurring. Once identified, this can be addressed – like removing the needle in a haystack. Although we can mentally forget stress, our body remembers.

The good news is that you already have everything within you to self heal your symptoms. I can guide you along this path of empowerment with your health. You will gain an understanding of your body that you will always support you with your health. 

The anatomy of stress

Stress is never constantly exactly the same day in day out – and neither are our symptoms. Although sometimes subtle, they fluctuate. We may have periods of no pain at all, only to feel frustrated when the discomfort returns.

Each time our pain worsens or reignites, we are beginning another cycle in the tissue as our body keeps adapting to help us cope.   

There is a new health paradigm emerging that uses the specific anatomy of stress:  different parts of our body are holding stress in response to our specific experiences. Brain scans have been used to show this. By using ground-breaking, evidence-based techniques to address the specific root cause, we create the right conditions for your body to recover. All side effects are positive.


Ready for change?

Discover what keeps your symptoms coming back – only positive side effects.

Begin your upward spiral to health and well-being