Address your root cause

We always have three choices


1. Live with discomfort

We could hope our symptoms pass or accept them as a result of wear and tear.



2. Manage our symptoms

There are lots of medical and alternative approaches that can relieve our discomfort.


3. Address our root cause

A targeted, evidence-based approach to address the why behind our pain.

The root cause


You may already have sensed that stress impacts or increases your symptoms.  We can now identify the very specific causes of your symptoms – and what keeps them recurring. 

The root cause of your pain is as unique as you are.  You may have experienced: a period of intense pressure or holding everything together; the pain of living up to others’ expectations; not feeling strong enough; feeling stuck or trapped; a deep loss or separation; or another stressful experience that really took its toll. Although we can mentally forget, our body remembers and will tuck it away to help us cope.  Over time, this creates a chronic symptom. 

The good news is that you already have everything within you to self heal your symptoms.  Once we identify your root cause this can be addressed – like removing the needle in a haystack.  

Our bodies are always listening

Our bodies are continually responding to our experiences. Really imagine your favourite ice cold beverage on a hot summer’s day and your mouth may well water.

You may have noticed that your pain or tension worsens during or just after periods of stress or high emotion.  Your body is always adapting to your thoughts, experiences and feelings. Sometimes quietly and sometimes not so subtly.

Our thoughts, emotions and bodies are intricately connected.  It’s threaded through our language – have you felt the “weight of the world on your shoulders”, has something felt like a right “pain in the neck”? These phrases are signs of how deep down we feel and see where our body is carrying our unresolved emotions and experiences.


What is your body telling you?


Skin rash or dryness

What is your skin numbing you from feeling?



What words or sounds were very difficult to hear?


Lower back pain

What intense pressure are you struggling to bear?


Frozen shoulder

Stuck about pulling something toward or pushing it away? 


Irritable bowel

What has been too painful to digest?

Lasting change is possible


So many people suffer with pain and discomfort and manage this through medications and therapies, which do offer some relief. However, managing discomfort becomes a way of life.

There are other paths.  Your body is incredible. It is much more than a machine that breaks down, beyond repair. We can all have mobility and vitality. Every tissue in the body has an intelligence, our body wants to – and can – fully self-heal.

Through this ground-breaking root cause approach, you will gain an understanding of how your body has adapted – ultimately to support you.  Plus you will learn some tools to support yourself into the future.  All side effects are positive.

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