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Thai yoga massage

Focused session – allow 45 minutes, £30
Great for working on one very specific issue such as: lower back pain, sciatica or shoulder tension.

General session – allow 75 minutes, £55. All round MOT, great for relaxation, tension release and opening.  Available as a pregnancy massage. 

Therapeutic session – allow 1hr 45 minutes, £80. Great for working on several issues, allows time for full body treatment with therapeutic focus. Available as a pregnancy massage. 

Luxury session – allow 2hr 15, £105. Deep relaxation. A full body session allowing extra time to focus on all areas where attention is needed. Available as a pregnancy massage.

Gift vouchers available from £10. Vouchers can also be used towards all treatments. 

Other bodywork treatments

Thai Abdominal massage – allow 60 minutes, £55 – A therapeutic massage that gently stimulates and detoxes your abdomen encouraging good digestion and increased energy flow for a healthy gut – crucial to our our overall well-being. Deeply releasing and effective. 

Thai foot massage – allow 45 minutes, £35 – A relaxing and therapeutic treatment that is an ancient, preventative way to keep healthy.

Mind body massage – allow 75 minutes, £65 – A therapeutic guided massage that also invites you to tune in and explore the deeper why behind your symptom. 

Root Cause Health Sessions

Identify the root cause underlying your symptoms and understand how stressors impact your symptoms. Release the emotions that keep symptoms recurring. Gain a new empowering understanding of health. Create and take home simple practices to further embed your upward spiral towards increased health.

EFT Tapping

60 minute session – £50. A revolutionary therapeutic practice based on ancient Chinese acupuncture. EFT can empower you with your health and well-being. During the session, you will also gain a tool that you can use to support your emotional and physical well-being into the future. Available in person or online.