Recurring pain

Tired of living with unpredictable pain or tension?

It can be upsetting and disheartening living with cycles of pain in our body.  It can affect our sleep, our relationships our passions and interests and our overall sense of vitality and well-being.

A new approach to health is growing globally. Science now shows the specific ways that stress and emotions create chronic muscular skeletal issues.

Health professionals increasingly agree that stress is a major factor of many health issues.  It is now believed that up to 80% of chronic health issues can be reversed through lifestyle changes – and treating the root cause stressors.   We no longer need to accept that pain is inevitable result of wear and tear on our body. Now we know this we can break these cycles and support our body to naturally heal.

The long term cost of pain

Constant or recurring pain can really affect the quality of our lives – as well as our moods. So many people around the world live with pain everyday. Where acute pain tends to go within 3 months, chronic pain can last for years, hanging around long after injuries appear to have healed. 

Often, chronic pain goes hand in hand with depression, anxiety, reduced concentration, irritability and poor quality sleep – and these in turn can make the pain worse, creating a vicious cycle. These emotions about our pain accumulate in our bodies alongside the original symptom, locking our symptoms in more deeply.

But I know why I'm in pain... 

Stress and emotions locked in our bodies can also create an imbalance and increase our susceptibility to injury.  

Injuries and accidents are also stressful experiences – as well as physical.  It’s common to feel angry, hurt, scared or embarrassed about what happened – during and/or afterwards. These emotions lock pain into the body. A client with chronic back pain connected her pain with long hours sitting at a desk and jogging, but through a discovery session we identified and addressed what was really holding her pain in place. 

You may have asked yourself…

  • Isn’t it just a running injury?
  • Could it be that I sleep awkwardly?
  • What about my posture?
  • Isn’t it just part of ageing?
  • Could it be caused by childbirth?
  • Don’t I just have to live with it?

Consider this…

  • Stress creates an underlying weakness and susceptibility in our body. Making us prone to injury or wear and tear.
  • Muscular skeletal pain is often worse in the morning because our body has softened into resting and we feel it more. As we move about, daytime stress hormones, like cortisol kick in and we feel it less. Hence why cortisol injections are popular to manage pain.
  • It’s a myth that ageing and physical decline go hand in hand. As we age, we can accumulate more unresolved stress in our body tissue, creating increasing pain and weakness. This can be resolved and we can self heal at any age. 
  • Childbirth can be scary and traumatic, with little opportunity to recover or process the experience. Although it can be physically traumatic, the emotional experience gets stored in our body – we experience it with our whole being, not just our physical being. 
  • Lasting change is possible.


Resolve recurring pain - without side effects

Stress and emotions play a huge role in our physical health. Through addressing the root cause stress and emotions, we address the pain and the blocks that keep immobility and discomfort stuck. 

By working with the body and mind together, rapid change and release is possible. We simply identify and resolve the root cause in your body.

Ready for change?

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