The root cause of back pain

My client had been struggling with a lower back pain for years. The symptoms come and go. The postural muscles in her lower back felt incredibly tight when massaged. She was aware that the pain and tightness radiated into her hip and were could relate to her pelvic twist and reduced sensation through her left leg.

After one session exploring this issue, we found and addressed the root cause, a practice based in lifestyle medicine. 

My client fed back that the next day her back pain was gone – and that she feels more strength and stability through her left leg.

Through Root Cause Health Coaching™, we look at finding and addressing the needle in the haystack that keeps symptoms chronic. As a bodyworker, I know that my clients experience great relief from their symptoms through Thai massage, however, having also noticed over the last 10 years that for some clients these symptoms creep back again and again, I wanted to know why – and how I could support my clients to be pain free and thrive.

The stress response is everything

The body is incredibly intelligent and always has our best interests at heart. When we experience the stresses and strains that life brings, if intense, our body will adapt to try to help us cope. Every tissue in the body has a unique biological function, geared towards aiding our survival. If we perceive a threat, big or small, our body will do its utmost to help us cope.

With my client, her back pain was a way of holding herself in and hiding herself at the core (lumbar!) and this was a holding pattern she’d developed as a child. In one session, we joined the dots that locked the beliefs, memory, emotions and sensations together as one survival mechanism – and together we transformed it so that she could finally let go.

Root Cause Health Coaching™ and EFT tapping move chronic symptoms from continual cycles of stress and repair to full regeneration and recovery. I have seen incredible transformations with clients and I am amazed by the body’s ability to both protect us and auto regulate. 

Working together

Address the why behind your symptoms – all side effects are positive.