Qualifications and training

With a decade of therapeutic Thai massage experience under my belt, a lifelong passion about the impact of being disassociated from our bodies – and strong sense of wanting to support my clients with recurring symptoms, I discovered Lifestyle Medicine. Having certified as a Root Cause Health Coach™, I am currently studying an Integrated Masters in Lifestyle Prescriptions.

My work empowers clients by connecting people more with their bodies, helping them to understand their body’s innate intelligence, self healing capacity and to align people more with their body’s natural compass, which will head towards health, if we remove the blocks.

Through reconnecting with our bodies we can experience life more fully, in harmony with our emotions and act and speak more from our heart and gut centres.

I began learning Thai bodywork in 2010 and has been lucky to study extensively in Thailand and Europe. Bodywork has been a gift to my life.

Fully insured.