Therapeutic massage

A choice of bodywork, tailored to your individual needs, every time.

All Thai massage is performed through clothing on a futon mat. A massage table is available upon request.

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

A deep but gentle therapeutic massage. This will leave you feeling relaxed, open and more connected to yourself. We work just within your comfort zone so that you can relax throughout an effective treatment. Restores balance and begins an upward spiral of well-being. 

  • Focused session, allow 45 minutes, £40. Great for working on one very specific issue such as lower back pain, sciatica or shoulder tension. Book online.
  • General session, allow 75 minutes, £65. All round MOT, great for relaxation, tension release and opening – full body through clothing. Book online.
  • Therapeutic session, allow 1hr 45 minutes, £90. Great for working on several issues, allows time for full body treatment with therapeutic focus. Book online.
  • Luxury session, allow 2hr 15, £115. Deep relaxation. A full body session allowing extra time to focus on all areas where attention is needed. Book online.
  • Ultimate pamper treat, allow 4hrs, £285. Includes extensive tailored Thai bodywork, a Thai oil foot massage and an extended oil-based head, neck and shoulder treatment. Book online.
  • Order a gift voucher.

Thai Pregancy Massage

Feel pampered and relieve pregnancy aches and pains. Thai massage can be really beneficial for both mum and baby. 

You will be totally taken care of and we’ll use lots of cushions to ensure your comfort throughout. 

  • Allow 75 minutes, £75. 
Gift vouchers available from £10. Order a Gift Voucher.

Thai Foot Massage

A focused foot massage can be an excellent way to bring more presence, warmth, blood flow and energy to your feet.

Thai foot massage works reflex points, which stimulate your internal organs and includes a therapeutic massage of your lower legs, encouraging the regeneration throughout the body. 

A relaxing and therapeutic treatment that is an ancient, preventative way to keep healthy.

  • Allow 45 minutes, £45.
Gift vouchers available from £10. Order a Gift Voucher.

Thai Abdominal Therapy

A therapeutic massage that gently stimulates and detoxes your abdomen encouraging good digestion and increased energy flow for a healthy gut – crucial to our our overall well-being. Deeply releasing and effective.

  • Allow 60 minutes, £65.

Root cause massage

Do you have a sense that something deeper – emotions, stress or a past experience is keeping your symptoms stuck in chronic cycles? Did it start during a tough time or after a challenging experience? This session combines massage with gentle initial exploration of the root cause. 

Enjoy a therapeutic massage and gently begin going towards symptoms and tuning into what they are telling you. 

Release tension, build a bridge to your ‘why’ and improve overall health and wholeness.

  • Allow 75 minutes, £75. 

Gift vouchers

A Thai massage gift voucher can be purchased for any of the above treatments or services offered.  A voucher is valid for a year, allowing plenty of time to fit in this treat. 

There are a range of options available, which can be posted or emailed to you as a printable PDF. 

  • Available from just £10
  • Client feedback

    “I have been searching in the UK for the last 3 years to find somebody that can give an authentic Thai massage, after wasting lots of time, I have thankfully found Bev! Bev has studied and trained to become a very proficient practitioner, she has natural understanding of the human body and obviously enjoys her work, which is felt through her massage. I thoroughly recommend Bev!” Lance, Kent


    "Bev’s Thai massage is one of the best I have ever had outside of Thailand and certainly in east Kent.
    Deep, therapeutic, and sensitive.
    I left feeling extremely relaxed and rejuvenated." David, Kent

  • Client feedback

    “I’ve been lucky enough to have a pregnancy massage twice with Bev. It really helped with all the aches and pains, particularly a bad back, which had so far resisted all other treatment! I had my last massage when literally ready to drop and found it really relaxed me at what can be a pretty nerve-racking time. Both times, baby seemed to enjoy himself too! I seriously recommend this to all expectant mothers!” Christina, Kent

  • Client feedback

    "Bev is very professional in her approach and performs massage with an open and caring heart, which means the experience is especially relaxing. During pregnancy I could feel my baby responding positively to my feelings of relaxation and complete euphoria; common sense says this is wonderful for the baby’s development. I will certainly be coming back for more soon!" Victoria, Surrey

  • Client feedback

    "I have referred several of my friends to Rooted Well-being, putting you immediately at ease, Bev quite simply performs wonders. The day after my first appointment with her my circulation was notably improved, the session itself is extremely relaxing and it's clear you are in the hands of a professional. Anyone who has visited various practitioners over the years knows when they have found someone special, Bev is that." Amy, Kent

Address the root cause

I can help you discover and address the ‘why’ behind your symptoms, Find out how a root cause session could help your body self heal from symptoms that keep recurring.

Learn Thai Massage


Introductory 1 Day Workshop A perfect introduction for beginners to learn a 50 minute sequence and gain an understanding of the history, philosophy, benefits of this beautiful healing practice.

Corporate massage

A massage session can help to reduce workplace stress and absenteeism. Pamper your staff with a choice of accessible and therapeutic sessions, all performed through clothing – perfect for a work environment.