Root cause massage

A guided massage - explore the deeper why behind symptoms

Do you have health issues that you just can't get to the root of?

Do you find you are often relieving symptoms rather then reversing them?

Clear tension and improve health and wholeness

Gently explore what could be keeping your symptom(s) stuck in chronic cycles. Enjoy a therapeutic, tailored massage treatment whilst connecting deeply to your body and any underlying patterns that lead to your symptoms.

Sometimes our bodies hold onto stress and tension; physical therapies can temporarily relieve our discomfort but our tensions slowly creep back in. During the massage, you’ll be gently guided to connect to your body, go towards symptoms and listen to the deeper ‘why’. Symptoms are messages. We can trust that your body has the answers.

Our body has an incredible innate intelligence and is designed to self heal, or auto-regulate. By finding the ‘needle in the haystack’ that keeps symptoms chronic, you can begin the journey of freedom from long-standing health issues. Change is possible. The tissues in our bodies are constantly responding to our emotions and thoughts. 

Gain a new awareness of your body – and symptoms – that will empower you now and with your future health.

If you want to identify your ‘why’ – then a mind body massage is for you.

Allow 75 minutes, £75

Begin your upward spiral to health and well-being