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Options for getting started

You may feel keen to get started or simply want to find out more and ask questions. There are a range of options below to suit how ready you may feel to address your root cause.

Free 20 minute discovery call

book a free chat 2

A chance for you to meet me, ask questions and get a feel for whether this is something you would like to explore further with me.

I would like to hear about your journey and goals and help you decide if you are ready to target the root cause. 

Root cause health sessions

looking at the root cause
All sessions support you to:
  • Identify the root cause underlying your symptoms
  • Understand how stressors impact your symptoms
  • Release the emotions that keep symptoms recurring
  • Gain a new empowering understanding of health
  • Create and take home simple practices to further embed your upward spiral towards increased health. 
  • Email support and mentoring between sessions to help you stay on track, as necessary.

This can be achieved online or face to face. You will develop your mind-body connection and experience emotional release.  

Book a session

If your symptom has been through chronic cycles over time, multiple sessions are usually necessary in order to address all of the layers and to experience lasting physical change


Initial 90min session – £85
Additional 75min sessions – £65 each

One session can be great for acute/recent issues.
Discounted packages available for multiple sessions.

Not sure?

Call me 07786 898596 to discuss your needs, or book a free 20 minute no obligation chat.



Pay as you go

£85 – 1st 90min session
£65 – follow up 75min sessions
Flexible plan

One session can be great for acute/recent issues.

3 session plan

£195 (save £20)
One 90min session
+ two 75min sessions.
Payment plan available.

Great for focusing on a chronic symptom.

6 session plan

£370 (save £40)
Includes one 90min
+ five 75min sessions.
Payment plan available.

Best for multiple/complex chronic symptoms.

Not sure?

Call me 07786 898596 to discuss your needs, or book a free 20 minute no obligation chat.



What happens in a session?

1. The why behind your symptoms

We begin with a consultation to understand your symptoms. We find the needle in the haystack that has kept your symptom recurring – and once found and removed – your body can naturally repair.

2. Evidence-based health techniques

  • Release stuck emotions.
  • Let go of stress.
  • Establish empowering beliefs.
  • Create real-life changes.
  • Increase strength, vitality and energy.

3. Establish Nourishing Habits

Together we create tailored new habits that empower you to nurture yourself and build on your health resolutions from the session.  Your new habits will be small, achievable and you will be supported beyond the session. 

Begin your upward spiral to health and well-being