Improve digestion, gut health and release tension

Good digestion and energy flow through the abdomen is key to our mental and physical well-being, so abdominal massage can be deeply releasing and effective, with numerous potential benefits:

  • Detoxify the organs
  • Improve blood flow and get stagnant energy flowing again
  • Alleviate lower back problems and improve posture
  • Improve sleep quality and energy levels
  • Improve excretion
  • Increase depth of breath

Abdominal therapy is commonly missed out during many types of bodywork. It’s very much a part of Thai yoga massage – the abdomen is a sensitive and emotional area of the body; all of the energy lines cross through the abdomen and it is where many people may store tension and emotions. 

As well as including abdominal massage in full body sessions, we also offer a focused abdominal massage using oil as a standalone treatment. It is a 1 hour treatment, working with the natural rhythm of your breath. The treatment may also involve some work on the chest and leg areas, through clothing. Presence and mindful touch throughout ensure that it is always tailored to your needs.

  • Abdominal Therapy – £55 (allow 60 minutes)

Why do my digestive issues keep coming back?

The digestive tract is a very common place that we hold stress and tension. Unresolved stresses or traumas can block the flow through our gut, creating an array of symptoms. 

If you sense that stress impacts your symptoms and would like to address this, get in touch to book a free 20 minute consultation to find out more.

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