Health and self care to support well-being

Extensive research over recent decades has shown that the vast majority of chronic symptoms can be halted and even reversed by addressing the root cause and gradually making manageable changes to four aspects of our health.

1. Move more

Regular exercise, appropriate to your needs, can be gently increased. Include a variety of types of physical movements for the body and mind. Walking is an excellent choice.

2. Eat well

Our diet can support vitality, which in turn helps our body to naturally heal itself. Food can be our medicine or our poison. Gradual healthy change is possible step by step.

3. Reduce stress

We can improve our sleep quality, manage our day to day stresses and release old stuck stress and trauma locked in our bodies. We feel calmer, whole and peaceful.

4. Increase support

We all need love, connection and support, whether it’s with friends, family, interest groups, or faith in something greater than us. Social connection helps to heal our body. 

Feel empowered with your health


Lifestyle medicine and addressing the root cause give you back the power with your health. You have everything within you to fully heal from chronic health issues. 

Modern medicine is incredible and saves lives everyday. But too many people are managing symptoms and living with chronic health issues and side effects. 

Taking one small step at a time, it’s possible to build new healthy habits, increase your energy, vitality and well-being. Your body is super intelligent and it wants to find a way back to health. 

People all over the world are beginning to halt and reverse their chronic health conditions thanks to breakthroughs in our understanding, when we consider the whole person.

Self care tools to help you begin your upward spiral

  • Therapeutic Massage

    A choice of therapeutic Thai massage treatments. Always tailored to your needs, every time.

  • Address your root cause

    Our body can hold onto past stress and this can keep our symptoms stuck in chronic cycles.  Find out how I can help you address your underlying 'why'.

  • Dance & Movement

    Freestyle dancing can be as gentle or vigorous as we need and we can learn to listen to our body, express ourselves more and make new social connections. 

  • Mindfulness practice

    Starting a meditation practice can be simple and very doable within a busy day. Just a few minutes is enough...

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