Dance and movement

A safe space to explore movement, listen to our bodies and connect with others.

Dance is innate. It’s our birthright, something humans have always benefited from through community, creative expression, release, healing and more.

The dance space is open for you to move as you wish. There are no instructions or guidance.
We can listen within, rather than respond to external guidance, staying present with ourselves.

The dance offers a safe, non-judgmental space in which we can follow our own rhythm. All movements and stillness are welcome. Move as much or little as you like, listening to your body. 

Within the dance we’re invited to

…be here now, exactly as we are.
…connect more fully with ourselves, being with whatever we’re feeling, following our own energy and rhythm
…express our unique selves through movement.

Free dance can be fantastic exercise and amazing stress relief. There are no rules or guidance, everyone’s movement is their individual expression.

The playlist is a wave from stillness to fast and return to stillness over 1 hour 30 mins. We start and end with a short circle, where you can share and say hello to the group, if you wish – without any obligation to talk.

Wear whatever you’re most comfortable to move about in. And please bring a bottle of water. Over 16s. An alcohol and drug free event.

Godmersham Village Hall

Tickets – £10.

Dates: please join our Facebook group.

If you need to pay less, just ask. We don’t turn anyone away.

Over 18s. An alcohol and drug free event.

Plenty of free parking available at Godmersham Village Hall.


Rebuild the bridge back to your sensations, intuition and emotions – healing the divide within.

Explore and address the stressors, unresolved emotions and any lifestyle factors affecting symptoms.

Traditional Thai bodywork. Journey around your body, releasing physical and energetic tension.