Traditional Thai Massage

Journey around your body - connect more deeply with yourself

Energy-based bodywork.

Together we explore the blockages in your body and invite them to release using breath, gentle stretches and rhythmic pressure.

Tailored, responding to you in the moment. 

Mindful touch responds constantly to each contact with your body; varying the sequence, pressure and stretch to your needs.

Afterwards, you can experience:

  • Presence: grounding in your body, increasing feelings of safety, calm and certainty.
  • Self healing: Thai bodywork plants a seed, which can empower you on an upward spiral towards greater health.
  • Detox: working the energy lines supports flow in the body, which can support function and prevent dis-ease.
  • Breath: deeper, healthier breathing.


  • 60 minutes – £50
  • 90 minutes – £75
  • 120 minutes – £100

Client feedback

“The massages have been a truly wonderful experience every single time. Having a Thai massage is extremely enjoyable – on the physical as well as the mental level. I always feel so much more relaxed, lighter and more balanced than before a session.” Henna  
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