Address Sciatic Pain

Sciatica can feel debilitating and really effect our enjoyment of life over time. Sciatic pain can vary from localised pain in our hip to a pain that radiates all the way down to our toes. The sciatic nerve is one of the largest nerves in our body, so if this is nerve becomes irritated or compressed it can feel very painful.  

Sometimes sciatic pain can be addressed within one massage session. This is particularly true where the symptom is new and there is a physical root cause. Sometimes with long term sciatica it can take a few sessions or require an exploration of a deeper root cause. 

Address physical causes

Sciatica can develop as a result of prolonged sitting at a desk or in a car, or it can be the outcome of an obvious injury.

Sensitively applied deep-tissue massage can quickly and effectively help to relieve the pain and address the physical root cause, which is often simply where a build up of muscular tension has compressed the sciatic nerve. 

A sciatica focused treatment is 45 minutes, usually performed with you lying on your side, supported by cushions.

Treat sciatica with Thai massage

Thai massage is particularly effective because working through clothing allows the therapist to mindfully and sensitively work deep into the hip muscles. The strength of the treatment will be just within your comfort zone, so although it is strong and effective, you will be able to relax through it. Pressure is applied slowly, allowing me to sense what is just the right pressure for you, each and every time pressure is applied.

I have 14 years Thai massage experience and trained extensively in Thailand and Europe.

Address a deeper root cause


Sometimes there may not be an apparent physical root cause behind sciatica.  

If your sciatica is stubborn or chronic and you only experience temporary relief through physical therapies, it may be time to look deeper. Our bodies can carry stress in subtle (or not so subtle) ways. Stress can keep the body holding onto pain. 

Have you noticed whether your sciatic pain is worse at certain times of day – or that it comes and goes over days or even months? Did it start after a particularly challenging time or experience? Have you noticed whether stress affects your sciatic pain? 

If you would like to discuss how we can explore the deeper root cause, please get in touch or book a free 20 minute chat below.