Residential & Care Home Massage

For the elderly or young at heart

Maintain emotional and sensory connection with the outside world through holistic massage therapy.

Rooted Wellbeing can visit people in Kent: 

  • at home as a private service
  • within care homes, providing a regular pre-booked sessions for residents in a communal area
  • within care homes as a private service for residents.

For those with limited mobility a range of the therapies we have available are suitable to be performed whilst in a bed, arm chair or wheelchair. These services are gentle and tailored to each client around their individual needs. Hand massage, foot massage or slow stroke back massage can be ideal.

We are happy to visit, discuss your requirements and give you further information on how massage can be of benefit.

For any further information or to check availability please call me on 07786 898596 or email Bev.

Providing nurturing, sensitivity and compassion

Session benefits
  • enlivens muscles and joints
  • revives blood circulation and lymph
  • ensures a little regular exercise for the body and mind 
  • increases range of motion
  • improves quality of sleep
  • facilitates communication and relaxation
  • decreases agitation and anxiety


Each of the treatments below can be tailored around needs. Treatment durations can be adjusted as required.
Within residential care homes we can attend for half day session for £150 and then multiple residents can attend appointments within this booking. 

  • Hand and arm massage, 20 minutes – £15
  • Foot massage, 20 minutes – £15
  • Face and neck massage, 20 minutes – £15
  • Back and shoulder massage, 30 minutes – £25