“I spend about half my time in Asia, and when I am there have a Thai massage every week. I have been searching in the UK for the last 3 years to find somebody that can give an authentic Thai massage, after wasting lots of time, money, and enduring disappointing "thai massages" have thankfully found Bev! Bev has studied and trained to become a very proficient practitioner, and like all good masseuse, she has natural understanding of the human body, and it's workings, and obviously enjoys her work, which is felt through her massage. I thoroughly recommend Bev, and wish her continued success!”
Bodywork client
“The massages have been a truly wonderful experience every single time. Having a Thai massage is extremely enjoyable – on the physical as well as the mental level. I always feel so much more relaxed, lighter and more balanced than before a session.”
Bodywork client
"I have referred several of my friends and family to Kent Thai Massage, putting you immediately at ease, Beverley quite simply performs wonders. The day after my first appointment with her my circulation was notably improved, the session itself is extremely relaxing and it's clear you are in the hands of a professional. Anyone who has visited various practitioners over the years knows when they have found someone special, Beverley is that."
Thai bodywork client
“I have been lucky enough to have received a Thai foot massage from Bev a few times now and each time have found it to be an amazingly relaxing experience, I have often arrived feeling lethargic and a bit stressed, then left relaxed, refreshed and energised!. I can’t recommend the experience enough!”
Thai foot massage client
“I have just experienced my first thai foot massage from Bev. It was an incredibly relaxing expereience and interesting too. I could feel different sensations in each of the pressure points and tingles going all the way up my legs… so know it was doing me good! I would highly recommend this to anyone.”
Thai foot massage client
“I’ve been lucky enough to have a pregnancy massage twice with Bev. My first was at 5 months and it really helped with all the aches and pains that were starting to become apparent, particularly a bad back, which has so far resisted all other treatment! I had my last massage when literally ready to drop and found it really relaxed me at what can be a pretty nerve-racking time. Both times, baby seemed to enjoy himself too so was great for the pair of us! I seriously recommend this to all expectant mothers!”
Pregnancy bodywork client
"I have had bodywork with Beverley both during pregnancy and whilst not pregnant. Beverley is very professional in her approach and performs massage with an open and caring heart, which means the experiences is especially relaxing. During pregnancy I could feel a very active foetus becoming very still during massage as though it responded positively to my feelings own of relaxation and complete euphoria; common sense says this is wonderful for the baby’s development. I will certainly be coming back for more soon!"
Pregnancy and Thai bodywork client