Gut health

Stress and tension are commonly held in the gut

Ever had a knot in your belly or butterflies in your stomach? Our body is constantly responding to our experiences and our gut is particularly sensitive to emotions such as: anger, anxiety, sadness – all of which can trigger symptoms in the gut.

Do you have chronic digestive symptoms?

– Crohns Disease
– Constipation, bloating
– Inflammation
– Celiac disease
– Reflux
– Colic
– …or other digestive symptoms?

Address the root cause

Symptoms in the body can be our bodies way of trying to cope with imbalance in our lives. Through Root Cause Health Coaching™, we will find and address the root cause of your digestive issue. Think of it as finding and turning off the tap in a flooded house – rather than constantly mopping the floor!

What happens in a session?

1. The why behind your symptoms

We will begin with a consultation to understand your symptoms. We will find the needle in the haystack that keeps your symptom recurring – and once found and removed – your body will naturally repair.

2. Evidence-based health techniques to help you:

– Release stuck emotions.
– Let go of stress.
– Establish empowering beliefs.
– Create real-life changes.
– Increase strength, vitality and energy.

3. Establish Nourishing Habits

Together we will create tailored, root-cause habits that empower you to nurture yourself and build on the health resolutions in the session.  The habits will be effective, achievable and you will be supported beyond the session.

A fresh understanding of your health – a tool for life

Every tissue in the body has its own response to stressors and unique survival strategy. You will learn how the body changes its rhythms and functions to support us in tough times – and how this impacts specific tissues and symptoms.