Reconnection coaching

Living fully from our body profoundly affects our lives and relationships

Our body’s wisdom can help us

  • Live our purpose
  • Speak up for ourselves
  • Create healthier boundaries
  • Develop self worth
  • Live with integrity
  • Release emotions
  • Love more deeply

It’s incredibly common in western culture – and through the knocks that life inevitably serves up – that we gradually climb up into what feels like the safe refuge of our minds. This strategy can seem to help us cope with what might otherwise overwhelm us. Our minds have an incredible capacity to understand, evaluate, plan, imagine and strategise – but without the wisdom of the body, we can be left feeling disconnected from ourselves and our lives. We can unlearn this and rebuild the bridge back to our sensations, intuition and emotions – healing the divide within us.

Begin your journey

Our bodies have an innate knowing. It constantly talks to us – often as a whisper.  The mind often shouts louder; eventually our may body start screaming to be heard. 

Tension, symptoms and pain are signs that our body has a message for us – and we need to listen. With compassion and support we can clear the path to living from our truth, get to know our true essence and live in this power.