Massage combined with root cause health coaching

It is widely accepted that stress is a major factor of many health issues. The “fight, flight or freeze” stress response is everything. Lifestyle Medicine research has shown that 80% of chronic health issues can be reversed by addressing the cause.

Do you have health issues that you just can't get to the root of?

Clear stress – improve health and wholeness

Explore and release the specific stresses, emotions or beliefs that are locking your symptoms into chronic cycles, supporting self healing.

The body has an incredible innate intelligence and is designed to self heal, or auto-regulate. By finding and resolving the ‘needle in the haystack’ that keeps symptoms chronic, you can feel free from long-standing health issues – and thrive. Symptoms are messages. The tissues in our bodies are constantly responding to our emotions and thoughts, ultimately trying to protect us. Gain a new awareness of your body – and symptoms – that will empower you now and with your future health.

If you want answers – to know the ‘why’ – then a mind body massage is for you.

Allow 75 minutes, £70

What happens in a session?

Typically, during a session you’ll receive a mindful, focused massage, whilst being gently guided through the 3-Step Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching.

1. Consultation

We’ll begin with a consultation to find out about you and the symptom(s) you would like to work on. You’ll learn about the bodies self-healing and where you are in the stress and repair process.

2. Mind and body transformations

Connect with your body through massage and allow yourself to be guided to discover the innate wisdom and solutions within your body. Let go of unresolved emotional hurts, stresses or limiting beliefs related to your symptom.

3. Establish New Supportive Habits

 Together, we’ll create a personalised, laser-sharp and root-cause based Lifestyle Prescription® that supports you to build on the transformation. Create real-life improvements and increase strength, vitality and energy.

Begin your upward spiral to health and well-being