Women's Sharing Circle

The healing power of being heard


No feedback – non-hierarchic, non-judgmental. Empowerment of just being heard and trusted to move through our own stuff.

identification of hearing others


Simplicity – readings – weave it’s own magic

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Our bodies are continually responding to our experiences. Really imagine your favourite ice cold beverage on a hot summer’s day and your mouth may well water.

You may have noticed that your pain or tension worsens during or just after periods of stress or high emotion.  Your body is always adapting to your thoughts, experiences and feelings. Sometimes quietly and sometimes not so subtly.

Our thoughts, emotions and bodies are intricately connected.  It’s threaded through our language – have you felt the “weight of the world on your shoulders”, has something felt like a right “pain in the neck”? These phrases are signs of how deep down we feel and see where our body is carrying our unresolved emotions and experiences.