Chronic pain

Suffering from recurring pain? EFT (Tapping) can help.

Constant or recurring pain can really affect the quality of our lives – as well as our moods. So many people around the world live with pain everyday.  Where acute pain tends to go within 3 months, chronic pain can last for years, hanging around long after injuries appear to have healed. Often, chronic pain goes hand in hand with depression, anxiety, reduced concentration, irritability and poor quality sleep – and these in turn can make the pain worse, creating a vicious cycle. These emotions about our pain accumulate in our bodies alongside the original symptom, locking our symptoms in more deeply.

But I know how my injury started… 

We forget that injuries and accidents are emotional experiences – as well as physical.  It’s common to feel angry, hurt, scared or embarrassed about what happened – during and/or afterwards. These emotions lock pain into the body. When we experience an accident, injury or even a purely emotionally traumatic event, our whole being responds; how we feel about all aspects of the experience are connected to the physical symptom. A client with chronic back pain connected her pain with long hours sitting at a desk and jogging, but through a discovery session we identified and addressed what was really holding her pain in place.

Resolve chronic pain – without side effects.

Our bodies have electrical energy running through them and emotions play a huge role in how well that energy flows. Through targeted tapping, we address the pain and any energetic blocks that keep symptoms recurring. You can think of the energy channels as a fiber-optic network through your body. Through EFT, we simply identify and resolve the disruption in your body’s energy system. Changes on an energetic level can occur at a mind-blowing speed, so tapping can get to the root cause of chronic pain very quickly.

The science

There are emerging studies proving the efficacy of EFT for a multitude of symptoms. In a double-blind study undertaken by Dawson Church, PhD, Tapping was shown to produce a 24% drop, on average, in cortisol levels (stress hormone) after just 60 minutes of tapping. During that same hour of talking therapy, participants showed a much smaller drop in cortisol levels.

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Please note: EFT is not a substitute for medical advice and treatment. Seek help from a qualified medical professional if you’re experiencing pain which affects your everyday life.